Free Downtown Drum Circle May 26th 4 – 6 pm

May drum time! AND it’s free, sponsored by the city of Kamloops –
Entertainment in the Street.
Free Downtown Drum Circle – May 26th, 4 – 6 pm at 340 Victoria St. Kamloops BC (Boston Pizza)
There’ll be a dozen chairs and a dozen drums set out! There’ll be plenty of hand held percussion and other musical tones to add to the circle as welll! (shakers, chimes, cajons, bell, clave etc.)
You are welcome to bring your own drum and stool or join us with the ones there.
Come on out and groove with community!
Kamloops Drum Connection 250 318 0963

March 31st Benefit Concert 7 – 9 pm, K.D.C. is happy to be part of this!

We hope you can keep March 31st open on your calendar and support the Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism. The program is about 1.5 hours long and there is a coffee time afterwards. This event offers something for everyone. Please share the Facebook Event Details. Many thanks!
“Every Person Fits Differently ” Benefit Concert for the Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism will take place on Friday, March 31st, ’17 at 7 pm at St. Paul’s Cathedral, 360 Nicola Street, Kamloops, B.C. *Featured in this concert will be Cantabile Singers, Musical Chimers, Kamloops Drum Connection, saxophonist Carmen Ranta, and organist Gail Ovington. A very unique and special feature will be visual artist Parm Armstrong, who will complete a canvas presentation during the concert.
$ Admission is by donation.
Please share this event and invite your friends to this great evening out. Many thanks.
Gail Ovington – Benefit Concert Director

UJAMMA March 17th and April 13th – Connect, Create, and Celebrate

UJAMMA – Kamloops Community Drum Circle

April 13th was our Easter Hop! Room 2014 Lansdowne Village. 6 – 7:30pm

See Facebook for future Ujamma events –  Kamloops Drum Connection on Facebook

We had about 30 participants that drum time. Families came out to start off the Easter weekend!


March 17th was a big success!

We had over 35 people participate. All ages of drummers! It was a great family time, awesome drum time, and a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Stay tuned for our April UJAMMA Drum Circle.  Please check out Facebook Events at the KDC Facebook page.

A reminder, that the procedure to reserve a drum for circle time is changing. So please follow the posts discussion on that matter. Thank you.

Boogie the Bridge – Free Drum Circle

April 30th Free Drum Circle – Check out Facebook Event on KDC Facebook Events and on the Facebook Calendar of Events on the April 30th date.


Kamloops Drum Connection has a Free Drum Circle for the Boogie the Bridge Event.

We start early at 8:15 and play to just after 11. We drum in shifts and play percussion instruments when your hands need a rest. We drum and call to the Boogie participants and cheer them on!

Meet at the Overlander Bridge – Grass area by the Tournament Capital Sign by the overpass. See the Event for Details and Safety Reminders.

The Weekend


K.D.C.’s Entertainment!

Rhythm Rhyders performed as pre show entertainment at the Vagina Monologues this March 3rd. 6:45 til 7:20.

Djembe Django performed March 3rd at 1:30 for the Overlander Care Home in Brocklehurst.

Rhythm Rhyders – pre show entertainment at the Vagina Monologues 2017. Larry, Mona, Jean, Raven, Mauricio and Una rocked it!

Djembe Django and the Girl Guides Thinking Day Feb 25th 2017

Kamloops Drum Connection entertained about 50 girl guides during their Feb. 25th Thinking Day!

Feb 25th, Girl Guides Thinking Day about Africa! K.D.C.’s Djembe Django Drummers entertained children with African ensembles and interacted with children to teach them about the drum’s purpose and history and the way African music is arranged. What a great creative group and they did really well in their Yankadi dance steps! A big thanks to all those club leaders out there who take on that job of helping our youth.

FREE Drum Circle Pass


SPECIAL OFFER – Free Drum Circle Pass!
The K.D.C. special on right now is bring a new drumming friend and get one free pass to a drum circle. You must quote the line listed on the Kamloops Arts Council website Kamloops Arts Council.

Once on the website go to Arts Directory and type in Raven Ritcey and Search. Once my profile comes up, please click on View Full Listing and see about drumming services offered in Kamloops and area and the drum circle offer! Find that special line to quote to get your deal on a drum circle time. When you find the special line, please MESSAGE me at K.D.C. and state you name and the line found. Then list details re who will be attending; adults, ages of kids, and drums needed. I’ll register you and say you have one free drum circle pass. Coolio!!
Please keep this a treasure hunt!! Many thanks. Rhythms of happiness to you!

The next Community Drum Circle called UJAMMA is March 17th. The theme is wear green! Check out K.D.C. events. Thanks.


Besides K.D.C. sponsoring drum circles in different areas of the community, the bands Djembe Django & Rhythm Rhyders have already been in a lot of performances this year. If you are interested in being part of a circle time or part of a performing band, please contact Raven at or text 250 318  0963. Thank you.

Feb. 25th Girl Guides Thinking Day Celebration – African theme

Mar. 3rd Overlander Care Home

Mar 3rd Vagina Monologues – pre show entertainment

March 31st Benefit Concert- Chris Rose Center

UJAMMA – Community Drum Circle! March 17th

UJAMMA – drum circle for all ages – See FACEBOOK CALENDAR OF EVENTS 

  • March 17th 6 – 7:30pm.  Please arrive by 5:50 if you can. Thanks!
  • Lansdowne Village – Room 204, to the right of Booster Juice
  • UJAMMA is a family event drum circle that celebrates community, creativity, connection, and rhythm fun!


  • Fee is $5 per person, 12 and under are free
  • Family Rate is $10 / family of 4
  • Children must be with their parent
  • Wrists and hands must be free of jewelry
  • Handheld percussion instruments are there for your use
  • Drum rentals are available
  • Please reserve your drum and then the rental is just by donation
  • Do not sit on drum heads
  • Do not bang (use stick) on goat skin or wood drums
  • You are welcome to dress up in a family friendly, fun, and fanciful way
  • March 17th is be seen in green!
  • We’ll have hoops and percussion instruments and drums available

Registration is needed – See Facebook Events under Kamloops Drum Connection or the date March 17th.

Text Raven 250 318 0963, email, Press going on the Facebook Event, then leave a comment under the post titled Registration List.

Please leave details re your names, ages; adult, toddler, primary age, intermediate age, or youth, and # of drums needed.

There’ll be a few extra drums there if you are late in registering. The fee for those unreserved drums is $5 for rental. Please reserve your drum as the concentration will be on bringing drums for those people that are registered and want to rent a drum.

Thank you! The drum is calling you!