Djembe Beginner Rhythms

Basic Beginner Patterns Patterns #1 –  6, by Matt Haines You Tube

This You Tube Video has basic patterns that K.D.C. drummers know. We didn’t learn them here, but this is a good resource for those starting out.

It would be a great idea to book a djembe lesson with Raven to review timing and note reading and review how to use your drum hands correctly.

KDC has our own names for the rhythms. When this video was viewed, it was easy hear and say oh this is the rhythm ”      ” etc.

  1. Drum Together  B T B T   or    B S B T, we do many variations of this
  2. Everybody Dance Now B B B T T T B S, we do many variations of this
  3. Mother Rhythm Walking B T T B   T T B S
  4. Mother Rhythm Walking Extra B T T B   T T B S
  5. Hop a long with Me, great rhythm with space in it
  6. Half Mandela Rhythm, we do this rhythm with extra beats at the end

More advanced…..

You Tube Matt Haines Patterns #7 – 12