Drumming Services by K.D.C.


$30 for 1. 5 hours   Lesson Sheets Included as well as lesson review time.

4 lessons recommended to complete a leveled course.  Fee is  $115

Phone or email to set up your online course. 250 318 0963  djembedjango@hotmail.com

Students E transfer funds to a forwarded mail and then their online lessons will start on the agreed date and time. Lessons include a fully choreographed drum ensemble or a lesson of their choosing; topic & skill level.



DRUM CIRCLES – Community and Celebration

$5 per circle time, djembes available for use if you register with Raven

Subscribe to K.D.C. Facebook for circle details. Phone for the venue. 250 318 0963

Join the K.D.C. email list, contact djembedjango@hotmail.com with your name and contact info

Bring drum & stool if able.



$30 for 2 hour group or a private lesson. The passion is there for the drum and we want you to learn!

Please register: djembedjango@hotmail.com   and text 250 318 0963

Name & Phone # needed

Introduction to Djembe Drumming = Special Price for 2 hrs

This lesson is a fun drum time learning: basic music skills on the djembe; body & hand positions, drum pitches, time keeping, funky root rhythms for drum circle fun, and drum circle signals.


DJEMBE LESSONS – Learn amazing rhythms!

$30  for 2 hour group lesson.     $40 for 2 hour private lesson.

Bring your friends to learn African Rhythms & Funky Beats

Learn complete djembe ensembles – play an ensemble from start to finish! SKILLS: the introduction, 3 or more drum parts (polyrhythms), dynamics and ending. Mix ensemble rhythms with other rhythms you know!


HOT SHOT Lesson – Lead roles and accents

$30 for 1.5 hour

Learn how to solo, add dynamics and spice to drum circles and drum grooves.

Learn 4/4 & 6/8th hot shot parts.


PERCUSSION FUN – Add dynamics to music!

$30 for 2 hour small group lesson, $40 for 2 hour private lesson

Instruments available and lesson resources are included.

Learn how to play hand held percussion instruments; shakers, cabassa, guiro, agogo, different bells, tambourine etc. Learn the basics. Play more instruments in a drum circle or with an acoustic band.


ENTERTAINMENT – Band or Drum Circle Fun

Event? Location? Duration?   Phone Raven for a price: 250 318 0963

Djembe Django Drummers / Rhythm Rhyders Band / Drum Circle Facilitation are all available for entertainment.

When hiring for the facilitation of a drum circle, this fee can include the use of drums and hand held percussion for the rhythm time.

Please check out the band and drum circle videos on the K.D.C. Facebook page and K.D.C. website.



$40 for 1.5 hour

Learn how to lead a music circle and conduct a rhythm time. Instruments & Resource Sheets are provided.


DJEMBE PARTY – A new experience!

Call for the price for your group. We can arrange an hour or more for a djembe intro and drum fun! Laughs and learning galore! Have a BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Phone 250 318 0963 to discuss costs.

Djembe Parties – A new way to have fun is bring in the drum! Use your home or elsewhere. Drums are set up for your learning, fun, & entertainment. Lesson resources are available. U can share the cost.


TEAM BUILDING – Community and Creativity

Call for the price for your group. We can arrange a 1.5 hour session, a half day workshop, or a full day workshop.   Phone 250 318 0963 for price discussion.  Travel costs need consideration.

Drumming together; building community with common goals. It’s a fun learning experience building rhythms and a performance while reviewing concepts in communication & working together. The workshop is relevant and fun!