Lessons with Raven

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MAKE THE MOVE! Become a drummer.

         Join a drum circle. Learn new rhythms! Be a performer!

Register with Raven – 250 318 0963  djembedjango@hotmail.com



Raven’s drumming quest is to introduce people to drumming, to uplift spirits, invigorate the body and mind and have people “djembe django” together.

Drums Lessons are easy, fast, and fun! We learn with syllables of a word being a beat on the drum. What you say or sing is what you play on the drum. You’ll be taught body and hand postion, drum and hand placement, how to read and memorize djembe music, how to play in a drum circle, and how to communicate musically. Instruction time includes drum use, practice sheets, phone and e-mail contact ~ lesson review. Wowza!

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“Fun lessons, easy learning strategies, resources, & quick success!”  Lessons can be booked at anytime to suit your schedule.           

RAVEN – A teacher & facilitator with drum circles & performing groups.  See Videos for a view on drumming in the area. 

Djembe Django – a Kamloops adult drum circle and community drum performers

K.D.C. BEATNIKS – a Kamloops adult drum circle jamming and learning!

UJAMMA– a Kamloops Community Drum Circle

Young Drum – Youth in the Kamloops Area

Rhythm Rhyders – a small rockin’ performing percussion group  

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  • Check out the invites to drum on Facebook
  • Sometimes that info will be emailed or be on the website.
  • Register with Raven at djembedjango@hotmail.com
  • Arrange your own personal drum lesson time.
  • Drum Lessons are a great gift idea! Gift certificates available – purchase from Raven.
  • Check out the tab called “Drumming Services” for info on what is being offered with drumming in the Kamloops area and region.
  • Lesson Duration is about  2 hours. Group Lessons are $30 and Private Lessons are $40
  • Studio Group Lessons can also be before community drumming – UJAMMA Drum Circle.
  • Please register early or the course may be postponed due to the #s of participants being unknown.
  • Lessons include drum use & at home lesson resources.


Drumming Programs: (djembes for workshop & lesson use @ no charge)

  • Group Djembe lessons 2 hr. – $30
  • Individual Djembe Lessons $40 for two hours, $30 for 1.5 hours
  • Fees include drum use, practice sheets, phone and e mail contact ~ lesson review,
  • The same workshop can be reviewed again at another time for a drop in – $5 fee

(A) 2 hour work shop (or longer) on drumming fundamentals

(B) On going weekly lessons – beginner or intermediate rhythms

(C) Small group djembe party or retreat or workshop

(D) Drum Circle Experience and Facilitation with your group

(E) Drum Program Professional Development Classrooms

(F) Drum Circle Entertainment

(G) Team Building Workshops for office groups and staffs

(H) Lessons for Classrooms – student and teacher instruction

NOTE: Lengthier workshops, lessons, parties, team building, & retreats can be arranged, see Raven for an estimate.