FREE Drum Circle Pass


SPECIAL OFFER – Free Drum Circle Pass!
The K.D.C. special on right now is bring a new drumming friend and get one free pass to a drum circle. You must quote the line listed on the Kamloops Arts Council website Kamloops Arts Council.

Once on the website go to Arts Directory and type in Raven Ritcey and Search. Once my profile comes up, please click on View Full Listing and see about drumming services offered in Kamloops and area and the drum circle offer! Find that special line to quote to get your deal on a drum circle time. When you find the special line, please MESSAGE me at K.D.C. and state you name and the line found. Then list details re who will be attending; adults, ages of kids, and drums needed. I’ll register you and say you have one free drum circle pass. Coolio!!
Please keep this a treasure hunt!! Many thanks. Rhythms of happiness to you!

The next Community Drum Circle called UJAMMA is March 17th. The theme is wear green! Check out K.D.C. events. Thanks.