UJAMMA – KDC’s Community Drum Circle Oct. 27th, Nov. 24th, and Dec 15th 2017

UJAMMMA – K.D.C.’s monthly Community Drum Circle, 6 – 7:30 pm

OCt. 27th, Nov. 24th and Dec 15th 2017

This early evening drum time is to share the beauty and passion that comes with a drum gathering; drum skills, creativity, connection, community, games, songs, percussion exploration, and FUN! Bring your drum, bring your didgeridoo and percussion toys. Drums can also be reserved. Register early – the Max # is 35 participants. Please share.
The rhythms are for all levels, newbies start with basic root rhythms and hot shots go on top with more complex rhythms. Kids get to shake and dance and tap on the smaller drums.
It’s for all ages as everyone needs music. No experience is needed. Parents must supervise their children. Percussion toys, shakers are available.
No jewely on your hands please or wrists and only hands are on the drums – not sticks.

REGISTRATION PROCEDURE: Press going on the event, then comment in the discussion posts re your intention and details; who and how many drums you need. A djembe will be reserved for you if you press going on the event and confirm your attendance.
Check in at the front table, pay your circle fee, find your chair and drum and you are all set. At closing time please put your drums back in their drum bags. Thank you.

LOCATION: Room 204 in Lansdowne Village, Kamloops BC, by Booster Juice to the right of the grocery store.
Fee is $5 a person and $10 a family, kidlets under 12 are free.
Donations are accepted for drum use. Thank you.

Your comment info tells me who is attending, how many drums and what size of drum is needed. If you can’t make it, please message me so I can reassign the drum. Thank you.

Please share, like and follow the Kamloops Drum Connection Facebook page. Then check events and put the dates on your calendar and come on out to what you have time for. C u soon!.

Gather your buddies and come on out for winter drum time!

KDC Beatniks Drum Circle – Adults only. Oct. 30th, Nov. 6th, 27th & Dec. 4th,18th

Small group time – KDC Beatniks Drum Circle – Adults only.

Oct. 30th & Nov. 6th, 27th & Dec. 4th,18th

Fee is $5, A couple of Monday evenings a month from 6:30-8:30 pm.
This gathering is a percussion and rhythm time for those wanting to groove, jam, and connect with music. Newbies and experienced drummers and percusionists all fit it. The rhythms layer with a base root rhythm starting out and the hot shot rhythms go on top. The group is very supportive; loves sharing, creating new rhythms, and playing with sound. You’ll create, groove, and learn.
Tea Time is at 8 pm.
There’ll be a drum and chair ready for you once you say you’ll be attending. Phone for the venue. 250 318 0963
The drum is calling you!
Don’t forget other community drum times are on KDC Events. We have 6 more drum times this year.
UJAMMA – community drum circles in Room 204 Lansdowne Village Nov. 24th and Dec. 15th