UJAMMA – K.D.C.’s Community Drum Circle

UJAMMA – drum circle for all ages – See FACEBOOK CALENDAR OF EVENTS

  • Feb 10th and March 17th 6 – 7:30pm.  Please arrive by 5:50 if you can. Thanks!
  • Lansdowne Village – Room 204, to the right of Booster Juice
  • UJAMMA is a family event drum circle that celebrates community, creativity, connection, and rhythm fun!


  • Fee is $5 per person 12 and older
  • Family Rate is $10 / family of 4
  • Children must be with their parent
  • Wrists and hands must be free of jewelry
  • Handheld percussion instruments are there for your use
  • Drum rentals are available
  • Please reserve your drum and then the rental is just by donation
  • Do not sit on drum heads
  • Do not bang (use stick) on goat skin or wood drums
  • You are welcome to dress up in a family friendly, fun, and fanciful way
  • We’ll have hoops and percussion instruments and drums available

Registration is needed – See Facebook Events under Kamloops Drum Connection or the dates Feb. 10th and March 17th.

Call Raven 250 318 0963, email djembedjango@hotmail.com.

Drums can be reserved.  The drum rental fee is by donation if you reserve your drum.

There’ll be a few extra drums there if you are late in registering. The fee for those unreserved drums is $5 for rental. Please reserve your drum as the concentration will be on bringing drums for those people that are registered and want to rent a drum.

Thank you! The drum is calling you!


K.D.C. Beatniks Drum Circle

Check out the tab Drum Circle Dates for monthly drum times.

Monday, Feb. 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th 6:30 – 8:30 $5 fee (intention, jammin, drum skills, drum use is available)

Adults only on Monday nights. Phone 250 318 0963 for the venue.

KDC – UJAMMA – Community Drum Circle

KDC – UJAMMA – Community Drum Circle


Hi there! We had a great response to KDC’S last community drum circle event (50+ drummers on Jan. 27th). Thanks to everyone for their support and enthusiasm on the event page and in the circle time.
In the last drum circle it was facilitated with rhythms, games, and songs as there was a focus on children. KDC will be hosting more community drum circles, but future drum circles will have less facilitation and give drummers a chance to take turns leading the groove.
There will be a UJAMMA community drum circle once a month for the next three months. These will still include children. Please like the KDC Facebook page and subscribe to get info on events and times. The next UJAMMA drum circle will be posted this week.
The circle fee is $5 each for age 12 and over. $10 a family. You can register on a future event page and then please bring your exact change to the circle time. Thank you.
If u need a drum, you may reserve one, and make a donation. I’ll have your name on it at circle time. If you do not reserve a drum you may rent one for $5. I’ll bring 3 extra drums to the circle, the concentration will be on bringing drums for those that have reserved one. There’ll be many percucssion instruments to play with. Rhythms to you! 😆
If u are interested in learning more about drumming, please check out this Website’s Tabs and KDC Facebook under Notes, Services, and Videos. These tabs have resources on drum skill development and fundamentals for drum circles. Thanks everyone.


Drums For Sale



Djembes – 









  • XL African Djembe $525.00
  • Authentic African djembe with goat skin and mahogany wood.
  • Professionally tuned.
  • 12 inch across drum head, 3/4 inch rim, height is 23.5 inches
  • bag top needs 15 inch space
  • circumference is 44 on the top
  • circumference of bottom of drum is 35 inches

Incredible carving! Goat fur trim! One of a kind drum.
Beautiful responsive drum head.
Exceptional bass, tone, and slap pitch.
The rim is melodic with an extensive range of fun in it.
The seller is open to price discussion and offers.


This picture shows the XXL (left side) and the XL (right side) Authentic African Drums

These drums are professionally made and tuned.

Please contact Raven for djembe discussion.

250 318 0963  djembedjango@hotmail.com


  • XXL Authentic African Professional Djembe $625.00
  • 12.5 inch across drum head, 1 inch rim, height is 24.75
  • bag top needs 15.5 inch space
  • circumference is 47.5 on the top
  • circumference of bottom of drum is 33 inches






Intricately carved, Professionally tuned.
Goat skin and mahogany hard wood.
Excellent bass, tone, and slap sound.
The djembe responds easily and has a melodic rim.
Drums of this quality are hard to find.


Drumming Services

See the “Drumming Services” tab for full details.

Please check it out to see what KDC can offer you!

Prices, contact info, and details about courses are available on that page.


  • DJEMBE LESSONS – ONLINE Skype option
  • DRUM CIRCLES – Community and Celebration
  • DJEMBE LESSONS – learn amazing rhythms!
  • HOT SHOT Lesson – Lead roles and accents
  • PERCUSSION FUN – Add dynamics to music!
  • ENTERTAINMENT – Band or Drum Circle Fun
  • FACILITATION TRAINING – Leading a Circle
  • DJEMBE PARTY – A new experience!
  • TEAM BUILDING – Community and Creativity

Drum Circles – January 2017

Kamloops Drum Connection Drum Circles January 9th ,16th, & 23rd

Drum Circles are about community time for drum fun and celebration. This Monday drum circle group is called the K.D.C. Beatniks and includes DJDJ and New Drummers (Newbies!).

6:30 – 8:30 pm Monday Evening.  Adults only on the Mon. drum circle.        $5 fee

This community has fun jamming with rhythms and hand held percussion and as well works on drum skills and new rhythms. Call Raven if you want to check it out! No charge for drum use.

If you’d like to be part of a performing drum band, please contact Raven to find out more about Djembe Django Drummers & Rhythm Rhyders.

  • Please phone for the venue. 250 318 0963
  • Message your name and phone number. Thanks.
  • $5 circle fee includes drum use if you have no drum of your own.
  • Please bring a chair height stool if you have one.
  • The folding black and white stool with a back on it, can be found at Canadian Tire
  • Hands and wrists must be free of jewelry. Thanks!
  • The circle time includes basic drum skills, jam time, and some new rhythms.
  • There’s a break either part way through or after the circle for drummers to socialize.


FREE Community Drum Circle – Friday night, Jan. 27th 6 – 7:30 FAMILY EVENT

Lansdowne Village Mall – Rm 204 behind Booster Juice

Please register with Raven – djembedjango@hotmail.com to ensure we have a chair for you. Instruments provided. Please bring your own drum and toys if you have them. We are celebrating “Unplug and Play” week in Kamloops!

Register on the Facebook Calendar of Events, see the Jan. 27th Event Invite. Otherwise email Raven.

Make sure your hands and wrists are free of jewelry. Thank you.