November 2015 -The K.D.C. website is back to being active!

Hi drummers, music people, and lovers of people and community! The good news is I’m back making the KDC website a priority once again.

Life has slowed down a bit, the space is now there mentally and physically to stay connected. The other good news is drumming didn’t stop this last year during the lapse of website posts.

The Kamloops Drum Connection and Djembe Django Drummers have been very active entertaining within the Kamloops Valley and hills. We’ve had gigs at Sun Peaks, Boogie the Bridge, Kamloops Wildlife Park, Kamloops Literacy Day, Kamloops Beats in the Street, Kamloops Seasonal Street Festivals and Carnivals, Drumming for Community Societies, Seniors, and Care Homes.

As well, the drum fun has continued with me being busy teaching djembe lessons, giving team building workshops, entertaining and facilitating at house parties, and leading drum circles within the community.

I look forward to sharing more news about rhythm items and special events happening in Kamloops and area. I would appreciate you sharing the word about this website and as well the Kamloops Drum Connection Facebook page. Please like and share these pages so we can get more people connected to the beats! Thank you and drum on!