Boogie the Bridge UPDATE – Free Drum Circle – April 29th 8:15 a.m

Hi drummers, please respond and let me know if you’d like to participate in this fun time community “Boogie the Bridge” drum circle on Sunday, April 29th by the Overlander Bridge overpass at 8:15 a.m.  YES! It’s an early time, earlier than usual. They have the race starting at 8:30. All levels of drummers are welcome. We’ll create rhythms together.

This drum entertainment is for the Boogie the Bridge Event! We are encouraging the runners and walkers and having fun! Dress in layers, dress warmly to start. Bring water and a snack if you like. We are there until the event is over – about 3 hours.  We drum in shifts to give others a break. Bring your drum, chair, dashiki, colourful costume shirt, funny hats if you like, percussion toys, and noise makers!

Email Raven at to get put on the list for the April 29th Boogie the Bridge Drum Circle.

WHAT: Free Community Drum Circle WHO: all TIME: 8:15 WHERE: left side of bridge by the Overlander Overpass PARKING: by the Grube or on side streets, be careful coming to the drum spot, let officials know you are with the drum circle

A drum circle is easy and a lot of fun! You’ll need your chair and drum or rent one from Raven. Send me an e-mail, give me a call. Come and join us! Give a call if you have any questions.


Raven: 250 828 2953

Full Moon Hosts Wanted

Please, pretty please… take the initiative to hold a full moon gathering. Just email Raven with your plans and I’ll put your invite out there for responses. It’ll be something great to look forward to. My schedule is pretty full, for these next full moon dates almost until the fall I have other things scheduled. So rats, I’ll be howling else where.

Please see the Full Moon page for more details.

Is anyone game to plan a June 4th, July 3rd, Aug. 1st full moon drum circle? I’ll spread the word!

Our full moon eve routine has just been to set a date, time, place, how to, what to bring etc. We get there at dusk or when ever and we drum, sing, chant, howl, laugh, and give praise for new beginnings! Then we hike to the cars with our flashlights!! Good fun!

Namaste, Raven

FULL MOON GATHERINGS:  Stay tuned to the HOME page posts for details such as; Hosted By, Date, Time, Things to know or bring, Car Pool, Location; Riverside Park or Howling Moon Rock or……..???

No Gatherings: April 6th, May 5th