Hooray you’re drum connected!

WELCOME TO THE DJDJ CONNECTION – KamloopsDrumConnection.com

Birth of this website was 01-01-2012

(Partial photo header above is from an original photo by Dave Eagles – Kamloops)

Please cruise through the pages listed above and get to know what’s happening with drumming in the Kamloops area and as well a little more about drumming! We hope to see you soon at drum circles or lessons. Come and say hello! Namaste, Raven

This front “Home” page of posts, the “Dates” page and the DJDJ   Connection List sends of e-mail  from djembedjango@hotmail.com will keep you current about drumming in the region. Connect with Raven to get on the e-mail list. Older posts of non repeat info are deleted for website ease.

CONFIRM all events at this website – on this HOME Posts’ Page.  Check here to see the community UJAMMA drum circles at Let’s Move Studio.  LOCATION: The new Let’s Move Studio, #200-1201 Summit Drive, Scotia Bank Building Upstairs – Corner of Summit and Columbia at the corner of Sahali Mall. There are no set circle times in May, June, July, or August. If you need to rent a drum for circle time please book one with Raven so one will be made available for you. Djembe lessons – please see the “Drum Instruction” page to contact Raven about lessons. One 2 hour beginner lesson will have you ready for any drum circle!

Photos on this site are from public places and promote drumming and circle fun. If your photo is on KamloopsDrumConnection.com and you don’t want it on display, just send Raven an email at djembedjango@hotmail.com with details of what picture and it’ll be off the website a.s.a.p.

You are welcome to REGISTER with the – KamloopsDrumConnection – please see the right side button. Submit your name and e-mail and a note will then come to your e-mail asking you to subscribe and be a member. You are then automatically sent a note when posts are made on this website. You are also welcome to leave comments if it says Leave a Reply on the bottom of a post. Talk to you soon!

POSTINGS from drum connection members – for arranging your own drum circles, posting your events, sending isms, arranging rides, travel fun etc. can be done by sending your posts to Raven at djembedjango@hotmail.com

CONTRIBUTIONS to DJDJ community music can be made by donating refundable bottles to Raven’s Account called” Kamloops Drum Connection” at the Full Refund Bottle Depot at 115-805 Notre Dame Dr, Kamloops, BC,  250-851-9746.  Please bring your bags (Don’t have to sort!) to the Bottle Depot and put them on a cart to be labeled Raven – Kamloops Drum Connection. These funds are being raised to purchase a marimba for drum group use and youth music.  Thank you.

KamloopsDrumConnection.com gives information on drum circles, djembe lessons,  drumming skills, drum tuners, and resources for buying drums. Please share this site with your friends. Press the share button and spread the word about this website and drumming in the area. Many thanks and Drum on! Enjoy the beats of info and rhythms!

Drumming is fun and a good release from the driving things of everyday life.  There are many benefits from drumming: a connection to the music world, a release of stress, time with friends, time for you, creating something together, bonding time, community time, meditation, and a boost in your immune system with an increase in your white blood cell count. Wow! Make the move – come to a circle, take some lessons, come and try a shaker or clap along! Come and be a drum buddy!